Hollywood Sigs

GEM Leaders: Significant Sig/Hall of Fame Sig, OOC, the Honorable Manuel Real (USC '48), Significant Sig/Hall of Fame Sig, OOC, Dr. L."Wayne" Gertmenian (USC '62), & Shane Foley (USC '91)


This GEM was its own chapter for many years, known as the University Park Sigma Chi Alumni and exclusively then, Alpha Upsilon (USC) Sigma Chis. It has been meeting for lunch since the mid-1950's! It dissolved its chapter status some years ago and became part of L.A. Sig and while still retaining many AU Sigs, all brothers are welcome and may attend regardless of chapter.


Meetings are every first Tuesday of the month at Taix Restaurant in Echo Park. In December only, the meeting is held on the third Tuesday instead of the second and is the holiday luncheon,. Sweethearts, wives, & family members are welcome to this one end-of-year edition. Please join us. Contact Shane Foley at: Shane.Foley@wellsfargo.com.


SIGMA CHI Luncheon at Taix Restaurant 1st Tuesday of the month (ex. Dec)
1911 West Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles ( 213-484-1265 )
Between Alvarado and Glendale Blvd. on the north side of the street.