San Fernando Valley Sigs

 GEM Leader TBA


The San Fernando Valley (or simply, "The Valley") is a huge area and despite the history of entertainment in Hollywood and the Westside, the Valley probably has more entertainment output than those two combined. The Valley is home to the Walt Disney Studios, Warner Brothers, Universal, Nickelodian, the former Burbank Studios, and countless production houses, and is used for more location shots than anywhere.

And as you'd expect, many brothers live in the Valley too. Here we have another undergraduate chapter, Zeta Xi, at California State University, Northridge (CSUN). Many of their alumni stay in the area.

The Valley includes Burbank on the east to Chatsworth on the west, the Hollywood Hills on the south and up to Newhall and Granada Hills on the north. A million denizens reside the the Valley.

This group is forming. Please contact Jim Lawson for more details: (562) 841-2375.